Welcome to the Tree Monkey Project!



The Tree Monkey Project is dedicated to protection of forests and their sensitive habitats and to improving lives through the strategic use of tree climbing skills and equipment.



Through Tree Monkey Project efforts, forests and sensitive wildlife habitats around the world will be protected from illegal logging, mining and other destructive activities; communities in tropical forests will have greater economic, ecological and cultural stability; and people will enjoy greater self-esteem and respect for trees.


How we do it

We will provide forest-dwelling communities with the training and equipment they need to harvest fruits, herbs and wood from the forest and canopy effectively and sustainably.


We are training two Ecuadorian communities - the Mamallactas family of the Kichwa, and the Secoya tribe with tree climbing skills. We look forward to returning this year.  Much of the fruit and leaf harvesting now involves free climbing the trees without safety gear and then cutting the limbs off so that people on the ground can do the harvest. Of course, this results in dead or severely damaged trees, and it also results in way too many life-threatening injuries and deaths.


Professional tree workers in the U.S. enjoy a level of safety and skill required here.   In poor countries, tree climbing is not considered a skill and people risk their lives, literally for the fruits of their labor, and often to provide us in the Western world with our teas, medicines and fruit that we easily purchase and consume in our daily lives.


Tree Monkey project is dedicated to giving these communities better safety and skills to uplift their lives and maintain a healthy relationship with their environment.  We hope you agree and will join us.


Combining Forces

As part of its mission, Tree Monkey Project works with non-profits and reseach that have like-minded goals and ideals. The following are examples of some of our other key projects:


  • On a volunteer tour to Borneo to work with The Orangutan Project, James brought tree climbing gear to demonstrat climbing techniques and possible uses of the skills.  He took staff up into the trees to get a first hand look at life from the orangutans point of view. They are now requesting that he returns to help teach them how to climb trees to assist in rescues, rehabilitation, and research of orangutans.


  • Another organization that we have recently helped with training is the RainForest Connection. They are currently in West Africa starting their pilot project of installing monitoring devices in trees to catch and stop illegal logging. We have trained staff members in tree climbing so that they can effectively climb the trees to do the installations. We hope to partner with them on future projects.


There are these and many more organizations that would greatly benefit from the skills and knowledge that can come through Tree Monkey trainings.



Continuation and Longevity of the Project

Learning these skills takes continual practice and updating of methods and equipment. Our Project works in 3 phases of training:

1.  Teaching basic tree climbing skills

2. Teaching advanced skills to facilitate others into the trees

3. Instructor trainings so they can teach each other these skills


Each phase requires time with practice in between.  Tree Monkey Project will ideally return to these communities on a yearly basis to help perpetuate good safe habits and safe guard relationships with the people over the years so they are supported and guided over time.   By donating, or volunteering you can be a part of an extraordinary experience happening in the jungles and forests around the world.


Thank you for your generous support!
James (Captain Monkey)



Tree Monkey Project is a fiscally sponsored project of MarinLink, a California nonprofit corporation exempt from federal tax under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Service 20-0879422.