Our Projects 

When you think of tree climbing, do you visualize climbing trees when we were kids, pulling ourselves up hand over hand, hanging from branches like little monkeys?  It was a lot of fun, but could result with injuries and accidents. While most adults have given up on tree climbing, a few of us discovered there is a world of unknown wonder that can be safely accessed.  State of the art safety techniques and equipment have allowed professionals to transfer the knowledge of climbing trees to recreational climbers. Recreational tree climbing organizations have organized group climbs and skills development workshops since the 1970's.  


The sport continues to rise in popularity. Tree climbing not only improves our childhood experience, but can also can provide a spiritually and ecologically rewarding career as adults. We provide tree climbing workshops to Indigenous peoples and non-profits organizations around the world. We currently have projects in Borneo, Cuba, Ecuador, Romania and North America. 

In the past 8 years, Tree Monkey Project has provided essential tree climbing training to Indigenous people, researchers, animal caretakers, conservationists, Girls Scouts and disabled youth. The skills we teach have been used for tree maintenance, sustainable harvesting, forest research, animal conservation, eco-tourism and fun. 

Tree Monkey Project does not work for a profit. We raise money through donations and privately booked climbs for birthdays, reunions, vacations, and corporate team retreats. Your donations enable us to send equipment and assistants into the jungle to access some of the world's most biologically diverse canopies. Thank you. 


The Borneo Project is dedicated to animal conservation.


Tree climbing is an essential skill for animal rescue and rehabilitation. 

The Island of Borneo is home to one of the oldest, most diverse rainforests in the world. Sadly, industrial deforestation has taken a toll on rainforest residents.

Endangered Orangutans and other animals are  suffering due to loss of habitat from logging, mining and over-development of palm oil plantations. 


We train caretakers dedicated to saving and relocating these precious creatures back into the remaining rainforest.




Tree Monkey Project is a sponsored project of MarinLink, a California non profit corporation, exempt from federal tax under section 501(c)(3) with the Internal Revenue Code. Our EIN number is 20-0879422