Your gift today will directly benefit rain forest communities by providing them the skills and equipment needed to harvest canopy products sustainably. 




Tree Monkeys Project is a sponsored non profit through Marin Link of San Rafael, CA. and donations can be tax deductible.

Our EIN # 20-0879422

donations should be made under Marin Link/ Tree Monkey Project


Mail to: 

James Reed c/o Tree Monkey Project

2100 4th Str #177

San Rafael, Ca 94901 


We also take Paypal:





Your gift will help by the following: 


Plane tickets for instructors and assistants. Please consider donating any of your extra air miles. 



Tree Climbing Gear.  We will be buying fulls kits and donating them to these communities so that they can succeed after we leave. Each kit contains ropes, saddles, helmets, carabiners and other accessories you see below. Each kit costs approximately $1300. You may purchase individual items or the whole kit Here and ship directly to Tree Monkey Project, 2100 4th Str. #177, San Rafael Ca 94901. Click on the PDF icon below to see a complete Item list with individual prices.























Travel expenses.  You gift will help ensure safe and reliable local transportation for our equipment and trainers to the Rainforest communities we serve. 


Video and documentation equipment. Your donation will help us measure the success and document the adventures as well, as we share tree climbing skills around the world.