United States of America

Tree Climbing is a safe, physically active, outdoor, empowerment experience.


Tree Monkey Project provides safe tree climbing instruction to youth across the San Francisco Bay area.  We provide the equipment, preset climbing lines and explain the techniques to climb while monitoring the participants. Depending on the type and size of the tree we may have multiple tie-in points and people in the same tree at one time. Cambium savers are used to protect tree bark.  


We also provide Tree Climbing Workshops.  Workshops differs from facilitated events in that it is a more intense course designed for professional application for people 14 and over. This training workshop includes; choosing  a tree, throwing lines, tying knots, anchoring, transfer from tree to tree, and more.  We provide Tree Climbing Workshops for those interested in recreational tree climbing and to create more trainers for Tree Monkey Project Events. 

We have found a group of 3-10 people is best for new climbers. We can facilitate multiple groups on a schedule. We have successfully facilitated the experience for people with minor to total visual impairment, multiple girl scout troops, animal rescue agencies, eco-tourist, corporate teams and birthday party guests. 

We are starting a tree climbing movement!  Will you join us?