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 Our Projects 

Tree Monkey Project provides essential tree climbing training to Indigenous people, researchers, animal caretakers, conservationists, Girls Scouts, disabled youth, and birthday party guests of all ages. The skills we teach have been used for tree maintenance, sustainable harvesting, forest research, animal conservation, eco-tourism and fun. 

Tree Monkey Project does not work for a profit. We raise money through donations and privately booked climbs for birthdays, reunions, vacations, and corporate team retreats. Your donations enable us to send equipment and assistants into the jungle to access some of the world's most biologically diverse canopies. Thank you for the gift. 



The Ecuador Project is focused on Indigenous communities. 

We provide climbing equipment and a commitment to return three or more times for updates and additional equipment.

The integration of traditional knowledge with modern tree climbing techniques supports
sustainable agroforestry management and provides opportunity for additional income via ecotourism. 

Our goal is to evolve students to become trainers so they can pass the knowledge to others within the community.


When you think of tree climbing, do you visualize climbing trees when we were kids, pulling ourselves up hand over hand, hanging from branches like little monkeys?  It was a lot of fun, but could result with injuries and accidents. While most adults have given up on tree climbing, a few of us discovered there is a world of unknown wonder that can be safely accessed.  State of the art safety techniques and equipment have allowed professionals to transfer the knowledge of climbing trees to recreational climbers. Recreational tree climbing organizations have organized group climbs and skills development workshops since the 1970's.

Tree Monkey Project provides facilitated climbs.  This is how we introduce tree climbing to people with little or no experience. We find a safe and appropriate tree to climb, hang ropes from branches, tie the climbing knots, fit climbers into the saddles and helmets and teach the basic technique to climb the rope into the canopy of the tree. Participants will always be on a single rope and will not be transferring from branch to branch while in the trees. These climbs can be done on an individual or group basis. There is even a Girl Scout patch for that! 

We also provide Tree Climbing Workshops.  Workshops differs from facilitated events in that it is a more intense course designed for professional application for people 14 and over. This training workshop includes; choosing  a tree, throwing lines, tying knots, anchoring, transfer from tree to tree, and more.  We provide Tree Climbing Workshops for those interested in recreational tree climbing and to create more trainers for Tree Monkey Project Events. 

Tree Monkey Project is a fiscally sponsored project of MarinLink, a California nonprofit corporation exempt from federal tax under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Service 20-0879422. 

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