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Meet the Monkeys


James Reed - Captain Monkey 

James is a Certified Arborist and professional tree climber, who for the last 19yrs has traveled extensively throughout the US doing hazardous tree work resulting from natural disasters. Since, 2006 he has traveled the world introducing people to tree climbing as a skill to protect the forest and animals. James has taught tree climbing in Peru, Ecuador, Brazil, Costa Rica, Malaysia, Indonesia, Romania and more!

James is a Trained Instructor and Facilitator through Tree Climbers International and created Tree Monkey Project to share his experience and skills to benefit the greater global forests and community.


Tamela Fish - SeaMonkey

Tamela Fish is an outdoor adventurer who has raised awareness about climate change with technology and tenacity for ten+ years. She has facilitated projects for a variety of organizations including; Girl Scouts of America, The United Nations Group for Youth and Children, The Women’s Earth and Climate Action Network,  Environmental Forum of Marin, and the Secret Life of Mountain Lions.




Eric Folmer - Tree Wolf

Eric is a Certified Arborist and member of the American Society of Consulting Arborists. He teaches at Merrit College. In the past 12 years Eric has been involved in climbing for research and adventure in the tropical forests. He is the founder of Tree Wolf Tours, 


He founded Tree Wolf Tours, for tourists to explore remote tree canopies. His tours include tree climbing instruction, guided tree climbs, lectures and other environmental activities by experienced biologists. 



Tree Monkey Project is a fiscally sponsored project of MarinLink, a California nonprofit corporation exempt from federal tax under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Service 20-0879422. 

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