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Tour Cuba with us!
February 18 - February 25, 2023

We created this tour to help provide funding for our tree climbing training in Cuba and to bring awareness to the forest ecology of our Island neighbor. 

Explore the great outdoors of Cuba with Tree Monkey Project and our local host,
The Dr. Antonio Núñez Jiménez Foundation for nature and man. Cuba is known as the the "biological superpower" of the Caribbean with vast tracts of untouched rainforest, unspoiled reefs, and intact wetlands. Learn more about Cuban Forest Protectors efforts to conserve and protect their natural resources while immersing yourself in the history, biological diversity, sustainable communities and cultural splendor of Cuba.

We will spend our first evening together
in Cuba, orienting ourselves with the journey ahead and Cuban Cuisine. We will meet, greet, and review the itinerary our friends at Altura Vistas prepared for us.  Our adventure is focused on the Cuban natural ecosystem and the people dedicated to protecting it. 

Day One

Welcome to Cuba  18/Feb

We will meet in Havana.  Please arrange your flight to be available for our 6:00pm meet and greet orientation session with Tree Monkey Project and our host, Fundacion Antonio Nunez Jimenez De La Naturaleza Y El Hombre ( FANJ ) >


We will be provided with a short presentation about the Cuban natural environment before a welcome dinner with traditional Cuban food.  Your evenings will be free


Day Two

Old Havana 19/Feb

The day begins with Cuban architect, Miguel Coyula, preparing us for a guided walking tour.  We will learn more about the Master Plan for Restoration by salvaging neglected buildings and additional social policies supporting sustainable development.  There is an opportunity to speak with staff about the importance of UNESCO World Heritage Sites, national patrimony, restoration and urban planning. We finish the tour with lunch in Old Havana.

In the afternoon we will meet with our host, FANJ, for an Introduction to Cuba's Nature and Environment. Here we will receive an overview of how Cuba became the most sustainably developed nation in the world and the ecosystem supporting it.


Day Three

Sierra de Rosario Bio Reserve. 20/Feb

On the third day, we depart for the Las Terrazas community in the Sierra de Rosario Bio Reserve. We will meet with reserve officials, community volunteers, and students working in the reserve. You will enjoy  a guided visit through the ecological community and the environmental education center with time for lunch at El Romero, where we will meet gourmet Vegetarian Chef Tito Núñez Gudás

After checking into La Moka Hotel, our evening will be open for free time.


Day Four and Five

Tree Climbing/ Forest Immersion. 21,22 /Feb

We immerse ourselves in the biologically diverse Cuban forest with opportunities for tree climbing, hiking, horseback riding, or ziplining. 


In addition to eco sports, our group will be able to meet with local artists Jorge Duporte, Lester Campa, Henry Alamo and Ariel Pinelli. 


Day Six

Agroecology in Cuba  23/Feb

On day six we will exit the forest and lunch at Cafe Buenavista. Cuban cuisine is a delightful mix of horticulture and heritage.  We will continue on for a farm to fork experience. At the Fernandito Funes-Monzote's farm, Fina Marta, you will learn about the agroecology movement in Cuba and will be able to enjoy a family style early dinner on the farm. 

We understand you may feel fulfilled from a day of fine food. Your evening will be free for local cultural events in Havana, including live jazz at the la Zora y el Curervo or salsa at the Casa de Musica. 


Day Seven

Murraleando. 24/Feb

On the seventh day we get creative. The morning will be free time for shopping and engaging local artisans at the San Jose De Almancenes Art sand Crafts Market. 

In the afternoon we will meet with the community art project, Murraleando


The Eighth Day

Departure 25/Feb

The eighth day is for sharing memories. We will meet in the morning for breakfast, a wrap up meeting and our future plans before departure. 

We hope you continue to share your experience with family and friends for years to come. 

Tree Monkey Project is a fiscally sponsored project of MarinLink, a California nonprofit corporation exempt from federal tax under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Service 20-0879422. 

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